With their strategic foresight, big projects comprehend the pivotal role of the airdrop stage. This understanding is precisely why the TGE is being postponed. The task of enriching a hundred million people is not a simple one; it’s a complex endeavour that demands finesse. It’s not just about penalizing violators but about ensuring everyone receives something valuable.

Notcoin stands out with its unique features that cannot be replicated for various reasons, sparking curiosity and interest.

Why do you think Pavel Durov posts about Tapswap and Hamster? They are taken “under the wing” for a reason. The success of these projects directly decides the fate of telegram applications and blockchain ton without exaggeration. We have little faith that someone big (a few tens of millions) will launch a token on a TON and give out an airdrop anytime soon. The reason is not only the market correction but also the readiness of the blockchain of the projects for the challenge. So far, all applications are as primitive as possible. The use of the token is questionable, and people have no other thoughts besides “I’d rather sell”. They will try to delay the listing, prolonging the monetisation period.

So, Who remembers how much Notcoin “warmed up” its audience with intrigues and mysteries, falling in love with itself, with the idea? What a cool and native marketing was. And then, how many interviews and conferences have there been from the founders? An open team, the idea of freedom of choice and the slogan “probably nothing” destroyed all expectations. If we take for granted that people can’t be massively upset. You can’t just hand out a token and roll it in the first few minutes of listing. This isn’t a chain where there were just over 3 million accounts. and I think half of the sybils. Although we did get over 1200 non-positive comments. It’s not like there’s 200 mil in a hamster! Projects need to develop something, or the trend of telegram apps and games will be jeopardised. It’s going to be destroyed by hate and FUD. 

A few million dissatisfied people will tear down everything. What the PD, TF, and the projects will do is unclear. Perhaps there will be some merger or technical development of a system that will help bring clickers accumulated/sold to a new economic level. The task is not an easy one. Many clickers have become gigantic in the audience so quickly that nothing has been considered or implemented apart from the clicker idea. I wrote that Next Gen is full-fledged games and financial and ecosystem products from established market players, and we are already seeing them: Blum, Hot Wallet, Ton Station, etc. BUT Hamster, Tap Swap, MemeFi, Pixel, etc. can’t fail; otherwise, everyone will suffer. 

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