Предлагаем вам пройти пробный тест IELTS, Тест 20. Тест состоит из 10 вопросов на проверку словарного запаса. Также можно скачать правильные ответы на тест

Выберите слово, которое наиболее точно подходит вместо многоточия. Также, хотим напомнить, что формы слова изменены в некоторых вопросах. В данном списке приведены изначальные формы слова

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1.The defendant will … with his lawyer in order to decide whether to change his plea to guilty.
2.Despite the criticisms he faced in the newspapers over his early performance he is … as a strong contender to win the elections.
3.I’m … whether to go to study in Australia or in England. I’m not sure which is the best choice.
4.The Prime Minister has not focused much on foreign policy because there are so many … problems to deal with.
5.The two women have very … styles of management. One is hands-on the other one is very hands-off.
6.He is an excellent … — he can convey his thoughts and ideas very clearly.
7.I will keep studying hard for IELTS … the amount of time it takes.
8.The annual agricultural … includes activities related to the growth and harvest of a crop.
9.I have to … very hard during the IELTS listening test otherwise I will miss what has been said.
10.What are the exact … of the wardrobe? I want to see if it will fit in the bedroom.

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