IELTS пробный тест 95 позволит вам прокачать ваш словарный запас. Так как слова — один из самых важных элементов любого экзамена.

В данном тесте IELTS пробный тест 95 от вас требуется выбрать один из трех предложенных вариантов. Здесь мы практикуем знание различных форм слова в зависимости от части речи.

Чем больше тестов вы сделаете, тем больше будете готовы к успешной сдаче теста.

По этой ссылке вы получите 15 бесплатных минут для общения с носителем языка 

Получить бесплатные 15 минут с носителем

1.… of the law is no excuse in case of such accidents
2.She will never forget your … and sympathy
3.He was unable to … because of the thick smoke
4.Your friend is rather … in his language
5.I put those papers on the … of my desk
6.Your aunt is a … type of woman
7.How often do you go to the … to have your face treated?
8.What a pity the chalet is … only on foot!
9.He had spent several months in a … camp for illegal immigrants.
10.She got a … gift from her husband on her birthday
11.Why does she look so …, I wonder?
12.The court issued a … for the landlord of the criminal
13.Few people dispute Shakespeare’s …as a playwright
14.He felt … in his new job, so he left.
15.To leave the chalet in the dead of the night would be sheer …
16.He went to visit his parents weekly like a … son
17.We all admired the … thinking of the great inventor
18.The … around the town were very important in the Middle Ages
19.Your foolish behavior is … for a woman of thirty-five
20.The two presidents made … efforts to establish peace

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