Идиомы английского языка для IELTS – список выражений, которые помогут вам обогатить свой словарный запас и успешно пройти тестирование.

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  1. Keep your hair on
  2. Know what’s what
  3. Know something inside out
  4. Kick yourself
  5. Knee-high to a grasshopper
  6. Last word in
  7. Let your hair down
  8. Let sleeping dogs lie
  9. Let off steam
  10. Lay/put your cards on the table
  11. Let nature take its course
  12. Life and soul of the party
  13. Like two peas in a pod
  14. Lock, stock and barrel
  15. Live and let live
  16. Line your pocket(s)
  17. Off the beaten track
  18. Not have a leg to stand on
  19. On good terms with
  20. On the spur of the moment
  21. Make yourself at home
  22. No rhyme or reason
  23. Make a beeline for
  24. On the street
  25. Fall short
  26. Lose your bearing
  27. Draw the line at
  28. Fly off the handle
  29. For good
  30. Follow your nose
  31. Fifty-fifty
  32. Couch potato
  33. Concrete jungle
  34. See eye to eye with
  35. Recharge your batteries
  36. Somebody is only human
  37. Out of the blue
  38. Satellite town
  39. Take a short cut to
  40. Stop dead in your tracks
  41. Stick to your guns
  42. Take stock of
  43. Set your heart on
  44. Six of one (and) half a dozen of the other
  45. Split hairs
  46. Steal the show
  47. Take the law into your own hands
  48. Throw the book at sb.
  49. The tools of the trade
  50. Tidy sum/amount
  51. The powers that be
  52. Touch wood
  53. The other day
  54. The edge over
  55. The luck of the draw
  56. Tell tales
  57. Take the scenic route
  58. Variety is the spice of life
  59. Under sb’s thumb
  60. Your flesh and blood
  61. Turn over a new leaf
  62. Never/don’t look a gift horse in the mouth
  63. Ring a bell
  64. Reinvent the wheel
  65. Red tape
  66. Round the bend
  67. Pride of place
  68. Over the top
  69. Pull a few strings
  70. Put something in perspective
  71. Out of this world
  72. Out of the blue
  73. Put two and two together
  74. Once in a blue moon
  75. Put your feet up
  76. On the town
  77. Quick/slow on the uptake
  78. A stone’s throw (away/from)
  79. In/for donkey’s years
  80. In the dark about
  81. In sb’s good/bad books
  82. In the sticks
  83. In the nick of time
  84. Home sweet home
  85. Add fuel to the fire
  86. A stitch in time (saves nine)
  87. A leopard can’t change its spots
  88. A drop in the ocean
  89. A sight for sore eyes
  90. An act of God
  91. A home from home
  92. Be on the same wavelength
  93. Give sb your word
  94. Get sb a taste/dose of their own medicine
  95. Give something a miss
  96. Go halves
  97. Go to youe head
  98. Have a change of heart
  99. Have green fingers
  100. Have time on your hands
  101. For the time being
  102. Gain/get/have/take the upper hand
  103. Get something off your chest
  104. Get on like a house on fire
  105. Get the wrong end of the stick
  106. From iime to time
  107. Get/have your way
  108. Get/catch sb’s drift
  109. Do something on a whim
  110. Keep sb posted
  111. Keep up with the Jonesses
  112. Keep something under your hat
  113. Keep a straight face
  114. Have your wits about you
  115. It’s as broad as it’s long
  116. (Hear smth.) on/through the grapevine
  117. Achilles’ heel
  118. Change your tune
  119. Break even
  120. Below/under par
  121. Before your time
  122. Blot on the landscape
  123. Big mouth
  124. Break the mould
  125. Clean as a whistle
  126. Bury your head in the sand
  127. Come rain or shine
  128. Come clean (about something)
  129. Cry over spilt milk
  130. Commuter belt
  131. Be up in the arms (over)
  132. All in good time
  133. All mod cons
  134. As the crow flies
  135. Be born with a silver spoon in your mouth
  136. At the drop of a hat
  137.  Draw the short straw
  138. At a loose end
  139. In the middle of nowhere

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