What is Dotcoin?

Dotcoin is a Telegram game in which you get Dotcoins by clicking on a DOT. Players can join groups (Telegram channels and chats), complete tasks, invite friends, and increase their levels. You can join it by using the following link https://t.me/dotcoincommunity

How to play?

You need to tap on the DOT.

The DOT has 4 “area” x1/x2/x3/x4.

You have 25 seconds for every round to earn as many tokens as possible. The main challenge is to complete the circle from x1 to x4 in one round within 25 seconds. The main goal is to stay in the “x4 area” for as long as possible to earn more coins in 25 seconds.

Why to mine Dotcoins?

  1. Everything starts from a DOT
  2. Dotcoin is our game’s token and the ecosystem, which can then be exchanged for our main token on the TON blockchain (we will announce this token soon).
  3. The game has various features (Game X2) that make it even more engaging.
  4. It’s free and fun.

How can I earn a lot of Dotcoins?

Daily Attempts – increase the number of daily attempts.

Multitap – increase the number of tokens you earn in a single tap.

Game X2 – double your Dotcoins.

Increase lvl – bonuses for levelling up.

Friends – invite friends to the game.

What “Game X2” is?

This game allows you to double a maximum of 500,000 but no more than 30% of your earned Dotcoins instantly. Doubling probability: 95%. This game will enable you to increase the number of Dotcoins and level up faster quickly. You can play the “game X2” every 24 hours.

What is the LVL system?

There are 80 lvls in DOtcoin, from 1 to 80. All coins mined in the game increase your lvl: coins earned and doubled in “Game X2”, coins for invited friends and completed tasks.

The more coins you have, the higher the lvl is. It’s simple.

! 80 lvl is 10 000 000 000 Dotcoins

What is a Clan?

A clan is a group of players and communities in the game. Any public channel or chat on Telegram can be a clan.

How do you create a clan or join a clan?

Clans are public channels and chats in Telegram created in the game. Any user with 500,000 dotcoins in their account can make a clan.

To create a clan, you need to:

  1. In the game, tap on the “Join Clan” button at the top of the screen.
  2. Tap on the “Create Clan”
  3. If you can pay 500,000 dotcoins, you will be redirected to a bot.
  4. Send a nickname of the public channel or chat you want to create.

To join a clan, you need to:

  1. In the game, tap on the “Join Clan” button at the top of the screen.
  2. A list of clans will appear; you can choose one.

Or you can follow the direct invitation link to the clan.

How can you earn a crazy amount of Dotcoins?

Friends – invite friends. More friends.

On the home screen under the DOT, click “Friends”, then the “Invite friends’ button, choose whom to send a Telegram invite to, or copy the invite link and post it on your social networks.

  • Users without Telegram Premium: You both get a bonus of 1,500 Dotcoins.
  • Users with Telegram Premium get 30,000 Dotcoins.
  • Every time your friends get to another level, you get bonuses (for every 20 lvls gained by your friends, you receive extra coins).

How do you get actual TONs?

Every day, we randomly select 20 winners among the active Dotcoin users and give each one 0.5 tons using vouchers.

You can join the Dotcoin Community in Telegram using the following link. https://t.me/dotcoincommunity

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