The best bitcoin documentaries to watch in 2024

The best Bitcoin documentaries are informative and a gateway to understanding Bitcoin’s captivating history. They make the complex world of Bitcoin accessible, bypassing the need to understand terms like cryptography, distributed registries, and proof of work. These films transport you to the heart of Bitcoin’s journey, from an experimental technology to a significant player in the financial market. Our carefully selected list of the best Bitcoin documentaries stands out in a crowded online space, offering entertainment and enlightenment with deep insights into this revolutionary digital currency.

Moving from awareness to knowledge

While Bitcoin has gained significant recognition in the mainstream consciousness, its adoption has yet to meet initial expectations fully. Its benefits, such as decentralization, transparency, and secure transactions, are clear, but widespread adoption is still unknown. What is the reason for this? Various factors are at play here.

One key issue is the need for more education. Many potential users need a better understanding of Bitcoin’s fundamental principles and how it works. This lack of understanding leads to uncertainty, hesitation, and a reluctance to use it. The importance of filling this knowledge gap with clear, easy-to-understand information about Bitcoin cannot be overstated. It is essential to encourage wider adoption.

Regulation also plays a crucial role. Uncertainty in the legal framework can discourage individuals and institutions from using Bitcoin. Establishing clear and comprehensive regulation that balances innovation with consumer protection is paramount. It can unlock significant growth potential and pave the way for broader adoption.

Ultimately, the future of Bitcoin adoption depends on addressing these key challenges. By promoting education about the asset class and creating a healthy regulatory environment, the alpha cryptocurrency can bridge the gap between its true potential and its current state.

Significant progress has been made, but we need more

Several initiatives have been launched to help meet this need for proper education about blockchain and cryptocurrency. The Wharton School runs a course called Fintech: Fundamentals and Applications of Financial Technology, which focuses on fintech innovations like Bitcoin.

Wharton isn’t the only one. Top universities around the world have shown interest in blockchain. But beyond the university walls, those who want to learn can also use documentaries to get an in-depth source of information about Bitcoin and the technology behind it.

Documentaries are powerful tools for breaking down topics that seem distant or out of touch with general audiences. One of these educational films about Bitcoin can help those still hesitant about investing in cryptocurrencies.

1. Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It

This documentary takes you back in time to trace how money grew into what we know today. It talks about the development of modern society, the role of money, and how Wall Street and the financial system started the cracks that brought the American economy to the brink of collapse.

It then introduces Bitcoin and its potential as a leading crypto asset today. The film features several familiar faces in the cryptocurrency world, including popular Bitcoin enthusiasts Andreas Antonopoulos and CEO Roger Vera.

This feature film won the Special Jury Prize at the Amsterdam Film Festival 2015.

2. Banking on Bitcoin

‘Banking on Bitcoin’ is perhaps the most famous documentary about Bitcoin. This Netflix film sheds light on the origins of Bitcoin technology, the journey that the asset and its creators took in the early years and its potential for the future.

3. The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin – The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

This 2014 documentary is one of the very first about Bitcoin. It follows David Mross, a programmer who discovered Bitcoin in 2011. We learn about his growing interest in the asset and how he learned more about its impact on the global landscape.

Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, is also examined. The film covers essential developments in the Bitcoin space and provides an overview of its features. Several people are also interviewed, including Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, and others.

4. The Bitcoin experiment

The Bitcoin Experiment, released in 2016, tested Bitcoin’s legal status as a possible currency. The producers of this film travelled to Scandinavian countries to explore the applicability of Bitcoin in ordinary people’s daily lives. In this way, they could see how people can use Bitcoin and other leading cryptocurrencies to invest in their daily lives.

This film demonstrates Bitcoin’s various benefits to ordinary people, from ensuring freedom from established authorities and institutions to improving financial accessibility.

5. Bitcoin: Shape the Future

This documentary is a Chinese-led film. Chinese OTC trading platform Bitkan created this documentary to showcase how Bitcoin has evolved in China. The film features leading figures from the Chinese bitcoin ecosystem, including executives from Bitmain’s mining giant Huobi and some prominent Chinese investors. Perhaps the most fascinating section of the film is how it gives viewers a glimpse into the world of Bitcoin mining in China. The film attempts to explain how Bitcoin evolved, how it was created, and how Bitcoin is regulated in China.

6. The Bitcoin Gospel

The documentary film ‘The Bitcoin Gospel’ was produced by Dutch TV channel VPRO in 2015. It stars CEO Roger Ver and a host of other influential figures in the Bitcoin world. The film dissects why people hold Bitcoin and what makes this bankless currency unique and hated by commercial and central banks worldwide. Other notable experts featured in this film include Andreas Antonopoulos and Peter Todd.

7. Dead Man’s Switch: A Crypto Mystery

While the documentary Dead Man’s Switch: A Crypto Mystery isn’t exclusively about Bitcoin, it is a fascinating look at what follows the fascinating story of Gerald Cotten. For those not in the know, Cotten was the founder of Canadian cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX, who died under mysterious circumstances. The film, available in select regions on the Discovery+ platform, combines eyewitness accounts and interviews to reveal Cotten’s life’s complexities, including aspects of his personal and professional relationships. As the story progresses, it also reflects the realities of the cryptocurrency market and the surrounding ecosystem.

8. Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King

The documentary Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King, available on Netflix in select regions, also explores the mysterious death of QuadrigaCX founder Jerry Cotten. The film includes interviews with cryptocurrency investors affected by the scandal. It mainly focuses on suspicions that Cotten stole millions from investors and other related conspiracies and allegations.

9. Silk Road

Okay, it’s not exactly a documentary, but we decided to mention Silk Road for its content and connection to cryptocurrencies. Available on various streaming platforms, this 2021 crime thriller is based on the true story of Ross Ulbricht, the creator of the infamous dark web marketplace Silk Road. The film touches on the rise and fall of the Silk Road, highlighting the use of Bitcoin for anonymous transactions on the dark web and the legal and ethical dilemmas that followed.

Explore the Bitcoin phenomenon: the best documentaries to watch

Whether you want to learn about Bitcoin’s rise to fame or are just interested in some good evening viewing, documentaries about Bitcoin are an excellent way to pass the time. So, grab a bucket of popcorn, turn on your TV, and relax to watch some great documentaries about Bitcoin.

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