We are an online data base of qualified interpreters and translators from around the globe.

We do not charge any extra fees for the services.

For all the questions and other things you need to write to the person you are interested in.

Below you may find the list of people where you can find the names of translators, their native languages and the languages they are translating to and from.

Here are the CVs of interpreters/translators from around the world. Please contact them directly by clicking the link and checking contact info.

  1. Sofia Tomas (Native Spanish speaker from Peru) Spanish — English, Spanish — French
  2. Mandeep Singh (Punjabi native speaker) Punjabi — English, Hindi — English
  3. Davide Giovanna (Native Italian speaker) Italian-English, Italian-French, Italian-Catalan
  4. Carlos Gustavo (Native Portuguese speaker) Portuguese — English, Portuguese — Italian, Portuguese — Spanish
  5. Jack Selkov (Native Ukrainian speaker) Ukrainian — Russian, Ukrainian — English
  6. Maria Pasi (Native Italian speaker) Italian — English
  7. LANA (Native Chinese speaker) Chinese — English
  8. Lela Gorgoshidze (Native Georgian speaker) Georgian — English
  9. Linda Goward (Native English speaker) English — French
  10. Zaida Inostroza (Native Spanish speaker) Spanish — French, Spanish — English, Portuguese — French, Portuguese — Spanish
  11. Laure Plummer (Native English and French speaker) English — French, English — Spanish, French — Spanish
  12. Robin Suwannatrai (Native Thai speaker) Thai — English
  13. Brook Vardanyan (Native Amharic speaker) Languages Amharic/English/French/Tigrinya
  14. Vanja-Ademi (Native Slovenian and Serbian speaker) English/Italian
  15. Vicky Zlyin (Native Chinese speaker) Chinese — English
  16. Kang Don (Native Chinese speaker) English — Chinese
  17. Christopher Meyer-Kretschmer (Native German speaker) English — German
  18. Hoa Hoang (Native Vietnamese speaker) English — Vietnamese
  19. Adel Sow (Native Swahili speaker) Swahili — English
  20. Zhou Xiaoping (Native Chinese speaker) Chinese — English
  21. Kalinka Petkova (Native Bulgarian speaker) Bulgarian — Russian — English
  22. Ozlem Kaya (Native Turkish speaker) Turkish — English
  23. Luis Filipe Ferrand d’ Almeida (Native Portuguese speaker) English/French/Spanish
  24. Allison Billington (Native English speaker) French/Belgian
  25. Carolin Nanz (Native German speaker) French/English
  26. Marina Addis (Native English speaker) Italian/French
  27. Kent Wiman (Native Swedish speaker) English/German
  28. Ko Shibasaki (Native Japanese speaker) English
  29. Camelia Radoi (Native Romanian speaker) English/French
  30. Ivan Golubovic (Native Croatian speaker) English
  31. Ibrahim Yousef (Native Arabic speaker) English/French